Jo Payne

My paintings express my emotional response to the coastal landscape around me. I absorb my surroundings, take great joy in them, and then I paint…


Here on the North Devon Coast, I am surrounded by spectacular beaches, huge skies and glorious coastal scenery, all of which compel me every day to try to paint the essence of this wild and beautiful coastline. The sea, the sky, all weathers, horizons, tides, colour, light; the constant change is what I find so inspirational and exciting.

The ever-changing weather presents me with everything from sublime sunsets to gathering storms, all of which are reflected in the sea. It is a privilege to have my very own permanent but constantly changing live seascape, complete with sea, sky and horizons, sharp, blurred and everything in between, outside my front door.

My work is held in private collections all over the UK, and in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Find me on Instagram where I post everything first, including videos of the process and current works in progress. You can also find more of my work on Facebook 


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